Η MPASS ενισχύει την αγοραστική εμπειρία των πελατών της ΑΒ Βασιλόπουλος μέσα από τις πλατφόρμες Fideli.Be και Gamification

admin News May.28.2018

Τα ΑΒ touch points είναι διαδραστικά σημεία επικοινωνίας με τον πελάτη μέσα στα καταστήματα ΑΒ, συνδυάζοντας ένα πλήθος δυνατοτήτων που συμβάλλουν στην ενίσχυση της αφοσίωσης και της σχέσης πιστότητας της ΑΒ Βασιλόπουλος με τους πελάτες της.

Βασίζονται στις πλήρως συμβατές με το GDPR καινοτόμες πλατφόρμες Fideli.Be και Gamification της MPASS η οποία παρέχει ολοκληρωμένες και καινοτόμες τεχνολογικές λύσεις με στόχο τη δημιουργία προσωποποιημένων και μοναδικών εμπειριών για το σύγχρονο καταναλωτή.

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The MPASS ExplorIoT platform presented at Digital October: Customer Day 2017 in Moscow

mpass News Oct.11.2017

MPASS Ltd continues to drive market focus on reinventing customer experience and personalization by participating in Digital October: Customer Day 2017 conference that took place in Moscow on late September. Digital October: Customer Day 2017 is one of the most prominent conferences dedicated to Customer Experience with the participation of more than 400 professionals and leaders from various industry sectors, presenting and exchanging ideas on the future trends of Customer Experience.

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Press Release:MPASS participated in “Navarino Challenge” by developing the first “Timekeeper” chatbot

mpass Press Releases Sep.14.2016

From 9th till 11th of September, Costa Navarino hosted for a fourth year in a row, “Navarino Challenge” 2016, gathering people from all over the world who participated to the semi-marathon, 10km and 5km running in the beautiful landscape of Messinia.“Navarino Challenge”, organised by Active Media, is a multiple award-winning, non-competitive sports tourism event that aims to raise awareness about the benefits of healthy living, exercise and the Mediterranean diet.

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Δελτίο Τύπου: Εμπειρία ΑΒ Games από την MPASS

mpass Press Releases Jul.21.2016

Η ΑΒ λανσάρει την εμπειρία των Games σε όλα τα AB Touchpoints με την πλατφόρμα Gamification της MPASS

Η ΑΒ Βασιλόπουλος, εταιρεία ηγέτης στο χώρο του λιανεμπορίου, γιορτάζει τα 20 χρόνια της κάρτας πιστότητας ABPlus με πλούσιες προσφορές και πολλούς επιπλέον πόντους για τους πελάτες της! Ανάμεσα στις ενέργειες προώθησης η ΑΒ, λανσάρει εμπειρίες παιχνιδιών με την Gamification platform της MPASS.

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MPASS Innovative Services Demonstrated in MWC2016 Received Award

admin News Apr.18.2016

On April 21 at the 6th Congress Infocom Mobile World, the MPASS Ltd was awarded for the integrated and innovative lead generation and engagement solutions based on social media and Internet of Things, demonstrated during the MWC2016, the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry, held annually in Barcelona. The award was received by the CEO of the company, Ms. Sophia Kallergi.

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AB Vassilopoulos Gamification for the 20 years of the ABPlus loyalty program

mpass News Apr.18.2016

AB Vassilopoulos (AB), leader in the Greek food retailing market, celebrates 20 years of its ABPlus loyalty program, and launches several reward campaigns by offering extra points and special offers to all of its loyal customers. Among these awareness campaigns, AB launches, for the first time in Greece, an innovative gamification experience. With MPASS ltd cooperation, eight fully customized games will be gradually launched, one every two weeks on the AB touchpoints, the interactive info kiosks installed in 76 AB stores.

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Increase passenger experience and revenues with real-time and personalized information over social media

admin Articles Jan.22.2016

According to recent reports, there are 1,68 billion active mobile social accounts (23% penetration worldwide and 46% penetration on mobile phone owners). Additionally, only a 25% of the installed mobile apps are used, mainly for socializing, communicating and gaming. Mobile social media appear to be the key communication channel for retailers, brands, and service providers. Shoppers and passengers will receive the right message on the right, their preferred and daily used, channel.

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Internet of Things in the Retail Industry: The innovative way to enhance experience and boost impulse buying.

admin Articles Jan.22.2016

Technology and Innovation are rapidly transforming the face of business for retailers. On the other side, the consumers’ demand for convenience and immerse shopping experience will drive retailers to quickly adopt digital strategies that can increase revenue, reduce costs and deliver differentiated brand experience. That will definitely include the incorporation of IoT technologies.

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admin News Jan.19.2016

MPASS Ltd is excited to announce, that we will participate for the first time this year, in Mobile World Congress,
in Barcelona.

Mobile World Congress, or MWC, is an annual gathering for the mobile industry and related industries, organized
by the GSMA, and held in Barcelona, Spain, the Mobile World Capital. More than 2,100 exhibitors and 95,000
mobile professionals will gather, network, showcase and exchange ideas.
MPASS will be there throughout the four days of the conference, from 22nd till 25th of February.

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