admin  Jul.27.2015

MPASS has recently partnered with Hooptap, a Spanish company and one of the global key-players in the latest digital solution of Gamification. Hooptap is delivering a rich games’ library and a powerful Gamification engine that can be customized so to meet any client’s individual needs. Gamification is based on Web and mobile environment, it boosts emotional engagement and rational loyalty with Brands and services/products so it is becoming a tool that is considered the ultimate weapon in the battle of maintaining engaged consumers. Hooptap has a long and extended customer base with applied case studies in more than 10 countries and more than 60 projects developed.

Last June, Heineken used the Hooptap platform for its Radler product in order to create an engaging gamified mobile application that would create an exciting mobile experience in a fun and rewarding way.

Scope of the Campaign: The brand’s objective was to build a mobile app leveraging Gamification aspects in order to promote its new product, Buckler’s Radler. Heineken aimed at boosting the product’s insights and refueling the brands identity and awareness withdrawing users’ positive feelings.

Description:  The app was a customization of the popular ‘Hit the Moles’ skill game in a way to look and feel the Radler brand.

The fun feel was achieved by prompting users to tap on a specific figure to earn points in an ascending challenging process of 10 levels, each rendering different landscapes and graphics. When the users completed the games, they earned points and the game rewarded them a discount coupon. One engaging feature of the app was that it enabled the user to challenge other users by claiming their points and opting to choose the challenge level and the betting points: the app randomly selected the adversary of the user to begin the challenge. The one who tapped on more figures, won the round and his adversary’s points. Another great feature of the app was the inclusion of leaderboards on a weekly/monthly basis and giving more prizes to the winners such as an offer of a product set of the Radler product.  At the end of this mobile experience, users were able get discounts, win prizes and share their achievements with other users in the community. Meanwhile the app encouraged them to getting know and try the new Radler product.

Results:  The app had great success, generating a buzz effect and driving high levels of engagement by using a unique game mechanic that invited friends to play and win prizes, enhancing the community building potential and social sharing, all in a fun branded environment.  This social feature was truly engaging for the users, as 10% of the total games were played against other users.

Heineken’s Radler campaign is a great example of how gamification can be applied in customer engaging, and how its unique features can create interactive, entertaining and immersive social user experiences.

Is your company thinking of implementing gamification to their digital campaigns or leverage the game mechanics to your campaign so as to increase engagement, loyalty and brand awareness?

MPASS provides the know-how and the expertise to develop and launch innovative, added value apps and solutions using Gamification. In collaboration with Hooptap, the top gamification platform, our clients can increase their engagement ability and also deliver exciting, creative, educational and entertaining content.

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