The “Truce Quiz” game app on the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games

mpass News Nov.02.2014

The International Olympic Truce Center designed a Truce Quiz game for the young athletes participating on the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games. The game, launched on Android tablets, asks from young athletes visiting the Olympic Truce booth at the Youth Olympic Village in Nanjing, to answer a set of multiple-choice quizzes to earn the opportunity to evolve into ambassadors of Olympic Truce in their respective countries. Athletes by engaging with this interactive “Quiz Game” learn the history about Olympic Truce and the strong relation with the Olympic Movement.

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SmartTV Case Study: From E-Shop to TV-Shop

mpass Articles Nov.01.2014

TV-Commerce (television-driven purchases and TV-shops) and contextual advertising is the actual evolution of the Connected TVs. TV-Commerce engages users instantly, through their home comfort and living room. With just one click in the remote control, users can order their goods and receive them at their door.

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More mobile Location-Based campaigns are utilizing Geo-fenced and Geo-aware strategies

mpass Market Trends Sep.04.2014

Mobile campaigns which incorporate geo-fencing and geo-aware marketing are increasing in number according to two recent studies by Verve Mobile held in 2013 and 2014 covering trends in location-based marketing. Reports provide metrics and findings following an examination of 2500 campaigns and deliver some valuable insights about the way that geo-fenced and geo-aware strategies are encompassed into various mobile campaigns deployed by marketers.

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mProS: The new proximity marketing solution by MPASS Ltd

mpass News Sep.03.2014

MPASS Ltd has launched mProS , an innovative Proximity and Geo-fencing Sales & Marketing turn-key solution which enables retailers, traders and marketers to reach broad audiences with rich, context-relevant, location – based and targeted pushed messages at the point of presence through their mobile devices, utilizing Bluetooth, WiFi or GPS technology.

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How Marketers should exploit Proximity/Geo-fencing Marketing to engage audiences

mpass Articles Aug.31.2014

Given the ongoing growth in digital access and as mobile devices have become a pivotal part of modern society’s lifestyle, retailers and brands now need to consider adapting new marketing concepts to communicate with their consumers. As a different shopping behavior is evolving by a new generation of shoppers who are more tech-savvy and holders of multiple, comparative market information, retailers should now think beyond traditional fundamentals to build up marketing strategies in order to communicate with them.

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Proximity Marketing and the Red Bull Campaign Case Study

mpass Market Trends Jul.10.2014

Proximity Marketing is a great tool for retailers to reach a broad range of consumers through their mobile devices near the point of sale and deliver relevant and targeted content based on the location of the interaction. Its concept favors campaigns that are based on delivering promotional offers to be redeemed at the point of interaction.

Many large brands such as Red Βull have ventured proximity-based mobile promotions, targeting consumers with Bluetooth-enabled devices while they are in-store.

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