Press Release: MPASS developed "ATH Messenger" app for the Athens International Airport

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MPASS has partnered with AIA, who is a world leader in aviation industry, to develop the «ATH Messenger», the new service that AIA designed and now is available to its public with the aim to provide them accurate and instant flight information.

MPASS developed the ‘ATH Messenger’ app that enables passengers to use the Facebook and send a simple Facebook message on the page «ATH Messenger» from any device via a browser or the Facebook app. By using keywords and hashtags all users can receive directly useful flight information and updates on flights they are interested in and additionally they are able to participate in AIA surveys.

MPASS as the leading provider of innovative and high technology applications and personalized digital marketing solutions, exploit new technologies in an innovative way and deliver to Athens International Airport (AIA) useful and friendly applications for its users.

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