AB touch point

The Challenge

Recognizing the evolution of customer preferences and the rising use of mobile platforms, the management team of Alpha-Beta Vassilopoulos (AB), a leading player of Greek food retailing market with an operating network of over 240 branches countrywide, cooperates with MPASS in developing its omnichannel strategy and in building a powerful competitive differentiation.

Alpha-Beta Vassilopoulos operates a well perceived loyalty program that is based on a loyalty card, named AB Plus. Alpha-Beta Vassilopoulos wanted to enrich the AB Plus customer experience by enhancing the service with new interactive and personalized channels. 

“AB touch point” service - The MPASS Solution

AB has partnered with MPASS in order to capitalize on mobile, email and info-kiosks channels, and deliver personalized discount offers and enriched content to AB customers. MPASS has developed, integrated and supports the 'AB touch point' service, an alternative communication channel materialized via interactive kiosks placed in 76 point of sales, which offers a new digital contact point between AB Vasilopoulos and its customers.

To accomplish that, MPASS has customized the omnichannel digital coupon platform to deliver to AB customers electronic and printed coupons as well as valuable content  regarding generic offers, continuity programs, ideas on recipes, interactive maps with points of interest, local weather, and other AB mobile apps. Customers can use several interactive in-kiosk functionalities, such as printing and sending by email recipes’ ingredients and instructions, fill in short questionnaires and apply for job openings. 

On July 2015, AB decided to refresh “AB touch point” service logo and kiosks’ branding and provide a renewed image to the service.

The Results

Since launching the “AB touch point” service, MPASS helped Alpha-Beta Vassilopoulos on their journey to growth, improved profits and enhanced customer engagement. 

From June 2012, thousands of new customers have been registered to receive digital coupons, offers and rewards from AB and have enjoyed a differentiated shopping experience. At the same time new audiences where successfully reached and acquired thanks to “AB touch point”.

MPASS has produced and distributed more than 5 million digital coupons for the chain, available to be redeemed by walk-in visitors at the interactive kiosks in 76 AB stores. The increased response rate from the customers positioned AB as a pioneer in omnichannel transformation and an innovative retailer in the Greek market.




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