Samsung Salesforce loyalty gamification tool

The Challenge:

Employee engagement and loyalty has emerged as a key business driver for organizational success, as it can generate innovation, increase performance and organizational growth.  Many studies have shown that companies with an engaged workforce are outperforming those without one. “Gamification” has taken the center stage as it can help companies to encourage their employees to love their job, learn more about the Brand and boost productivity.

Samsung Greece the industry leader in technology realized the gamification opportunity and that it could not reach its full potential without increasing its salesforce effectiveness. As the complexity of the Samsung product portfolio grew, some critical capabilities appeared to be missing, with salespersons and other retail dealers’ sellers to be struggled to get the training and information they needed when new products came to market, crimping their ability to sell. Moreover, the fact that this Salesforce include employers of large Retailers, the lack of ability for direct authoritarian measures and the fact that they were also selling competitors’ products, made the task much more demanding.

MPASS Solution:

MPASS worked with Samsung Greece team to resolve the salesforce challenges and implemented a sales enforcement tool which applied gamification elements, in order to boost salesforce effectiveness and creating at the same time a unique employee experience.

More specifically the application was designed to train, motivate, support salesforce and finally to offer a unique employee experience.

It motivated salespersons to view running product offers and learning material about Samsung products and sustain knowledge via quiz games challenges and accomplishments.

Included levels of performance and relevant rewards linked with company’s and salesperson’s goals, and encourage salespersons with gamification techniques –earned points per specific activity etc- to reach the highest level and gain the appointed incentive. Finally the application encourages competition as accomplishments were visible to all users. The solution enabled Samsung to have the full ownership of application’s content.

MPASS solution helped Samsung Greece to:

Improve internal salesforce and dealers’ salespersons engagement and loyalty by implementing a point awarding system for them based on 2 criteria: the number of sales of the retail shop and the user activity on the system. Users had access to learning material and participated to quiz games under the context of gamification to test the level of their knowledge.

Increase sales productivity by instilling a more pleasant performance-focused culture; System measured performance linked with company’s goals, recognised best- performers and rewarded them and identified under-performers for investing in better training for those with potential.


MPASS solution helped Samsung achieve its objective to improve capabilities in salesforce, and also to increase its sales in certain product categories.




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