The Challenge:

An effective omnichannel strategy presents retailers with a significant opportunity as they seek to engage with a continuously growing customer base. The connection between the digital channels and the physical presence build new challenges for return value. Delhaize Serbia a leading food retailer in Serbian market recognizes these new opportunities for its hypermarkets, the “Tempo” retail centers and cooperated with MPASS to deploy an innovative omni-channel concept.

Tempo retail centers have been recognized for their unique customer experience which allows shoppers to find in one store the most versatile range of products. Delhaize Serbia wanted to capitalize on an engagement platform with Tempo shoppers and enrich customer experience with new interactive and personalized channels.

MPASS Solution

MPASS sought to help Delhaize Serbia to adopt and deploy an omni-channel strategy, a holistic strategy for mobile, email and interactive kiosks channels, by delivering personalized discount offers and enriched content to Tempo visitors.  

More specifically MPASS provided a number of key solutions:

Introduce a new digital interactive channel: In an effort to increase the engagement of Tempo shoppers, MPASS designed and deploy the “TempInfO” interactive kiosk channel, a key point of differentiation for the in-store marketing approach. Customers subscribe to the “TempInfO” service and access free discount vouchers, recipes and shopping lists, participate in short questionnaires and access bi-weekly Tempo offers in a quick and convenient way.

Deliver a personalized and omnichannel communication strategy: Designed to enrich customer experience, attract walk-in traffic and encourage purchasing, the mobile push&pull campaigns emphasized on promoting and delivering the discount offers and vouchers. Communication campaigns distribute personalized messages with a unique promotion code per customer and a landing web-link containing discount vouchers and valuable information regarding vouchers redemption on Tempo stores.

Enforce a new sales channel: The “TempInfO” interactive kiosks activate a new sales enablement channel, allowing Tempo stores to promote specific products and brands and create revenue opportunities.




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