About Us


MPASS is developing innovative technological solutions for the broad Digital space with its own sophisticated platforms since 2009, aiming in customers’ long-lasting engagement and loyalty with brands, which generate increased customer lifecycle and profitability and also higher revenue volumes for our clients.

MPASS foundations are its people with extended commercial experience for addressing the most recent market trends and needs and also in-depth technical know-how. MPASS team through its passion for innovation and best customer experience are dedicated to design and deliver in-house tailor-made solutions, with focus on our customers’ individual needs.



Our expertise is in the areas of:

  • Omnichannel Marketing, combined with an Automated Campaign Management, for achieving the highest communication impact and the fastest ROI
  • Loyalty & Reward, for achieving consumers’ stickiness to clients’ Brand and services,
  • Gamification, to boost customers’ motivation by introducing the smart-fun element in all aspects of engagement (customers’, employees’, etc.)
  • Proximity & Geosocial Marketing, so adjust/customise notification to consumers’ location and time period,
  • Consulting services for the ultimate design of customers’ engagement solutions

We are committed to help our customers to achieve their objectives and we do it by exploiting our own solutions in every area of our expertise. 


We are proud not only for our broad clientele consisting on some of the major Brands in Greece but mainly because our clients are repeatedly trusting us for new or expanded projects, proving that our dedication to quality is acknowledged and rewarded from our customer base. Our portfolio of clients includes, among others, the following brands: