The MPASS ExplorIoT platform is not only a driving and modern technology around the Internet of Things, it is the answer to the new generation of customers, shoppers, and consumers who are looking for an enhanced shopping experience with no delays, no annoying offers or disruptive promos. The   ExplorIoT platform connects Things with the shoppers and customers. Through motion, pressure, light and location sensors the platform enhances shopping experience, and by using call-to-action methods increases awareness and engagement with products and brands.                              


Using ExplorIoT, Things like a bottle of wine, a pair of designer shoes, a modern dress, a body lotion,an original handbag, a new book, a house lamp, a coffee machine become more active, or even better interactive, omni-present and fun.


Now customers can:

  • ask for any additional information about the item of their interest using custom questions
  • get impulse-buy offers and recommendations on their product page
  • play simple games and learn more about their favorite products in a fun and engaging way
  • share their Internet of Things experience with their friends on social media
  • buy their favorite product online with one-click


ExplorIoT provides:

  • enriched information about any Thing
  • feedback on custom questions about  any Thing
  • gamification services to learn the features of any Thing
  • socializing opportunities for any Thing 
  • capturing customers’ insights on individual preferences of Things

ExplorIoT includes several enhanced modules and integrates some external ones, like loyalty and reward engines,
CRMs, omni-channel modules, natural language processing, social media integration, campaign management,
analytics &insights, mobile payments and CMS dashboards in order to increase sales and achieve the promotional
objectives of vendors, retailers, merchants and marketers.

The ExplorIoT platform is offered as white-label solution for grocery stores chains, and supermarkets, apparel and
accessories stores, mobile operators, Do It Yourself chains, electrical retailers, automobile and home suppliers, drugs
stores and cosmetics, eating and beverage places, family clothing, furniture, Hobby, toys&games shops and hotels.
MPASS also offers management consulting services for the design and deployment of the most profitable
Internet of Things campaign for retail products and brands.

If you want to learn more information about ExplorIoT, visit exploriot.com. You can also watch the video about ExplorIoplatfotm.