Fideli.Be Loyalty, CRM and Campaign Management solution for Customer-Centric Services

The Fideli.Be integrates all your customer, your campaigns, content, rewards and your analytics information in a unified platform that enables you to deploy a wide range of customer-centric initiatives, from direct marketing, to in-store experiences, sales, customer care and business analysis.

The unified service integrates CRM, Loyalty, Omnichannel Automated Campaign Management, Rewarding, Couponing, Analytics and ROI functionality. It is a powerful tool for retailers, service and product providers to enhance their customer engagement methods, to enforce a seamless shopping experience across various touchpoints and devices and to manage the full, end-to-end, funnel of their interaction with their clients and customers. 

Fideli.Be provides an engaging solution not a collection of platforms. Combining social interactions with loyalty and CRM systems, it increases brand advocacy, making our consumers to be prosumers of your brand, product or service. 

Todays’ prosumers are not only loyal customers; they need to interact you’re your brand via a coherent cross-channel journey. The supports this challenge by creating personalized consistent experiences to your brand prosumers, who 

  • are omni-connected
  • purchase on street & e-shop
  • browse your web site
  • use your corporate app
  • interact with your chatbot
  • register in newsletter
  • advocate your brand in social media - comment, post, share, like, re-tweet
  • request an offer
  • redeem a personalized coupon
  • join a contest or a marketing survey
  • participate in a gamification campaign
  • share demographic or firmographic data
  • open a promo-link

Through the Fideli.Be modules, you are able to

  • Create End-to-End consistent interactions with prosumers
  • Provide seamless experience across different touchpoints
  • Generate leads of customers, increase conversion
  • Increase customer lifetime value
  • Foster brand advocacy