Today digitally native users require an enhanced omni-present experience, where their communication preferences are integrated on their single social presence, and not distributed among multiple mobile apps. The mysocialpass chatbot service capitalizes on the value of social media to deliver personalized notifications and establish a mutually beneficial interactive relationship with shoppers and customers using a direct awareness channel. Through the interactive, keyword based, personalized, omni-present, private and easy to access information channel, mysocialpass is all you need to enhance customer experience, gain brand recognition and reach new customers. With no delays, no spamming,  no annoying and irrelevant promos and no need for extra mobile apps for each brand or service, service operators and brands communicate information updates and promos to customers and shoppers. 

Using the  mysocialpass chatbot service you can interact with your customers:

  • Notifications and personalized promos with no-SMS costs
  • Special deals and offers with maximized campaign efficiency
  • Information updates and alerts with no delays or spamming concerning any area of their interest like shopping, drinking, eating, relaxing, leisure, entertainment and, fun.


The  mysocialpass chatbot service is offered as a white label solution based on a SaaS model. MPASS delivers a holistic solution that includes:

  • Analysis of your needs
  • Service design, adaptation and dialog customization
  • Mail and SMS Gateway Service integration
  • Logging, report and analysis of user's preferences
  • Connection of social media with your Loyalty via mysocialpass
  • Integration with your CRM/CMS or customization of the mysocialpass CRM/CMS
  • Integration with your information service feed
  • Statistics and customised reports
  • Maintenance & support services
  • Content management for retail offers, social media promotions and marketing messages
  • Management Consulting

An easy to use and consistent micro-CMS/CRM, interfaced or integrated with your systems, and a reporting and management dashboard is offered to meet your digital marketing objectives for launching and managing efficient campaigns, or to customize information services.

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