Omnichannel Coupon Campaign Management Solution

This innovative SaaS service provides a full functionality range for retailers, manufacturers and service providers to design, launch, manage and evaluate discount or ‘call-to-action’ campaigns via multiple digital communication channels. Discount campaigns can be common for all customers collectively, direct for loyalty members, or personalized per customer. Campaigns can be launched through several distribution channels:

  • Directly to mails/mobiles from an existing CRM/DB
  • Through a couponing web engine or mobile app
  • Through an Internet promotional banner
  • As a response to messages sent to a Short Code
  • When customer scans a 2D barcode
  • Through micro-info kiosks placed in stores
  • Through social media apps and tweets
  • As notification to mobile apps

The service provides full redemption cycle assessment, supporting prevention of fraud or duplicated vouchers or promo-codes. Online ROI, analytics, metrics and statistics can be customized and segmented per geographical area, branch, product or customer. Voucher and promo-codes selection and redemption patterns can be selected and evaluated.

The service’s friendly Campaign Management Tool enables coupons issuers to employ rich-media per campaign or communication channel. Valuable data such as analytics, user preferences and context-data (e.g., location) are received and evaluated so as to increase efficiency and walk-in rates.

Various redemption methods and equipment are supported, such as handheld scanners, tablets, mobile apps at checkout, micro-kiosks, wall-mounted kiosks or thick info-kiosks. The redemption process includes the validation of original coupons. Depending on the redemption equipment, the customer is able to view the available coupons, their details and savings. The benefits derived are numerous:

  • Increase walk-in & sales
  • Extend and update loyalty DB
  • Learn individual preferences about offers
  • Enrich shopping experience
  • Accelerate launching of campaigns
  • Evaluation and full ROI per campaign

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